rob christian

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Rob Christian is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, (piano, sax, flute). He started out studying classical and jazz, and honed his skills over the last 10 years refining his abilities as a musician.

Since the age of 14, Rob has been playing 50-75+ gigs per year sharpening his skills.

Up until now, he has been known primarily as a jazz instrumentalist. More recently, Rob has been exploring other musical genres as a singer and songwriter. His own style has emerged as a fusion of pop, jazz, r&b and soul.

Rob has finished his newest album of original songs, Someday Soon. Working with Producer, Eddie Bullen, the new album is an expression of Rob's life and music and is a testament to his hard work and creative drive. In addition to writing the songs and singing, Rob plays the keyboards, sax and flute on the album.
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